BeoBalet is more than ballet

We are entierly committed and dedicated to working with children and developing new children’s pedagogy in the field of ballet and art programs. The child is the center of BeoBalet, and in no case is BeoBalet a center for children. Childhood is the parent of a person’s personality and that is the quote on which we have been building BeoBalet for years. For children, childhood is the most important period for intensive development.

We work with children from 3 to 15 years old and we want their childhood to be interesting, full of challenges, experiences and knowledge in which they will develop their skills, potentials, their personality and body. We insist on creating a different cultural environment, we discover and nurture true values. Together we discover classical ballet and music, and visit theaters, museums and galleries.

BeoBalet implies a multidisciplinary approach, which consists of the education in the field of ballet, music, acting, yoga and gymnastics.

The program includes: gymnastics, classical ballet, posture of the body, dance steps and figures, sequences of modern ballet, choreography, improvisation and workshops (choir, music theory, acting, yoga and gymnastics). Our groups are formed according to the age, abilities and prior knowledge of the children, while the teaching plans are divided into beginner and advanced.

Ballet for children

  • Preschool baby – 3 and 4 years
  • Preschool mini – 5 and 6 years
  • Basic – 7 and 8 years
  • Advanced I – 9 and 10 years
  • Advanced II and III – from 11 to 15 years
  •  The first two classes of BeoBalet are promotional
  • There is 50% discount for the second child, while the classes for the third child are free
  • The monthly rate of BeoBalet is 9,000.00
  • Free parking

All ballet classes are tailored to the age of ballerinas, and accordingly in such way we concept their classes. Ballet improves muscle strength, flexibility and range of motion. Classes also improve coordination and balance, they correct poor posture and raise awareness of physical self-control. Also, exercises that include jumping can improve endurance and overall health of the cardiovascular system. Ballet improves the mental and emotional health of children. Classical ballet classes instill a sense of pride and achievement, which can increase child’s self-confidence.

As children progress and move into more complicated combinations of movements, they feel more confident and that confidence is transfered to other areas of their life. Ballet performances free children from feelings of shyness and reduce their fears of public appearance and selfexpression. Ballet is a combination of movement, music and a certain kind of performance. It is precisely through this combination that children improve their perception and cognition which includes: attention, memory and learning. They also develop attention and concentration. These are the skills that your girls will use in the future.

Why BeoBalet?

Because we want to meet and experience every child who comes to us. Every child is a child for itself, with different interests, inclinations and possibilities. We strive to give each child what it needs most at a given moment, sice the needs change as it develops. Our principle is to firstly work on love, respect and understanding, and then on the physical development and correction of children. Our goal is an emotionally and physically healthy and properly built child, the child ready for various situations and life challenges that life will bring.

Ballet for children

Our girls are little artists and ballerinas now. Most of them only now has the privilege and opportunity to master ballet steps, put on their first real ballet costumes and stand on the stage as a real little artist that expresses its feelings. At this moment, a child can be a part of the magical ballet world. It is the moment when they discover and develop new dimensions of their physical, emotional and psychic personality.

At the moment, it doesn’t matter if your girls will be professional ballerinas in the future. It is important that ballet will always remain a part of their childhood and their development. Growing up on the art scene allows your girls to gain, in the best possible way, self-confidence, individuality, concentration, attention, self-esteem, creativity, discipline, communication and group work.